Dr. Wong


Lydia Wong 

After a negative experience at the dentist when she was young, Dr. Lydia Wong decided that she would become a dentist herself to prevent her patients patients from suffering. Now after 15 years of practicing general and cosmetic dentistry, her patients praise her for helping them feel comfortable and relaxed while undergoing dental work.

Dr. Wong is not your typical dentist. She really likes doing all the everyday dental procedures for her patients, including meticulous cleanings, as well as the more high-tech treatments like tooth-colored fillings, crown restorations, teeth whitening, and root canal procedures. She wants to get to know her patients’ teeth very well, so that she can personalize their treatment and offer them the best long-term care.

"I treat my patients like VIPs. I like to have conversations with them and teach them how to take good care of their teeth."

Dr. Wong believes in taking the time to answer patients’ questions, giving them complete information on her recommended treatment options, and then working with them to create a treatment plan that works for them and maximizes their budget. Some people will choose to do everything quickly, while others prefer to do procedures in phases over time. Either way, Dr. Wong is committed to providing them with the highest quality dentistry in a pleasant relaxed environment.

"My patients are my priority. I give them my one-on-one attention and never rush."


Dr. Wong has lived in San Francisco for more than 30 years. She is an avid photographer and patients can see some photos from her travel adventures in the office. When she’s not traveling she enjoys watching sci-fi movies and eating at San Francisco’s great restaurants.

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